Jan Gleisner has a passion for international travel and experiencing the wonders of different cultures around the globe. Originally from a small town in Denmark, near the city of Copenhagen, Jan developed an interest in travel, history, architecture, and regional cuisine at an early age.

With a belief that traveling is the only way to truly expose oneself to the beauty that exists in different cultures, Jan enjoys visiting new cities to gain a deeper appreciation for the world around us. Over the years, Jan Gleisner has traveled to a number of countries. His favorite place to visit is southern Italy, where he discovered a deep appreciation for the local cuisine and culture, particularly the seafood in this area, and had the opportunity of gaining an unblemished look at the different cultures here by exploring small villages, churches, and other hidden local gems.

For Jan, traveling also presents the opportunity to learn about new cuisines and unique recipes. He has a true appreciation for fresh, cultural cuisine. Jan is always looking to try something new, and moreover, experiment with a new recipe when he returns from his travels. He enjoys the opportunity to re-live some of his favorite trips through cooking recipes that he learned while traveling. Furthermore, cooking allows one to gain even more insight into the culture’s values and way of life through the preparation of these regional dishes. As Jan Gleisner contends, the food from different cultures is a reflection of their history, location, and people.

Jan Gleisner currently resides in San Diego, California, a diverse city that features a variety of amazing restaurants. He enjoys having the opportunity to take advantage of the diverse selections available when he is back home.

Professional Overview:

Jan Gleisner is a seasoned financial services professional with over 16 years of industry experience. He currently serves as President of Carmel Valley Insurance Agency, Inc., an independent insurance agency that he founded. He is also part of the registered investment advisor Hermes Econometrics.

With his international background and entrepreneurial spirit, Jan Gleisner has brought an unconventional and effective approach to insurance and financial planning that is process oriented and centered around each family he works with. He is primarily helping successful business owners and professionals achieving their financial goals. Outside of his duties with Carmel Valley Insurance Agency, Gleisner is on the advisory board for the Denmark-based international toy company Moover Toys.