jan gleisner meatless monday recipe ideas for march blog

Do you feel like you’ve hit a cooking rut? Once you discover a handful of recipes that you like, it’s not uncommon to appease your cravings by repeating that meal throughout the month, especially when you personalize it for your personal taste preferences. But that repetition often leads to people exhausting the recipes they enjoy so much.

Don’t let cooking become a dull, uninspired task that you do every day simply because you have to. Challenge yourself to get creative in the kitchen and fall in love with new recipes to use in addition to your favorites. In March, cook one meal that you have never tried before once a week with these recipes ideas for Meatless Monday! Not only are these meals delicious, but they are healthier because they are vegetarian and vegan-inspired.

Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta


With only 7 total ingredients and a 20 minute combined meal prep/cook time, this meal is both easy to make and packed with flavor. The food processor does most of the brunt work for you, ensuring that you won’t have to dedicate much time after you finish eating to cleaning up a mess in your kitchen.

Quinoa Chili Fries


Are you trying to eat healthier but have found that sacrificing your favorite guilty-pleasure foods has proven harder than you originally thought? Satisfy your cravings with a plate of chili fries without cheating on your diet. Made from potatoes, quinoa, and beans, this dish is full of protein and fiber. After trying this take on chili fries, you will never feel tempted to splurge on the unhealthier version ever again.

Minestrone Soup


Warm yourself up with some homemade soup! Even if you don’t have much experience making soup, this recipe is absolutely foolproof. In no time, you will have a healthy meal that will serve as a reminder why the classics will always be a go-to favorite.

Black Bean Tacos


While tacos have become a Tuesday staple, this vegetarian version is the perfect recipe to try on Meatless Monday. The list of ingredients is simple, ranging from black beans as the substance of the dish to jalapeño to give it a little kick. Smooth, creamy, and tangy, these tacos offer just the right balance of taste and texture.

There is one recipe for you to try for every Monday in March, but these vegetarian and vegan dishes are so good that you will want to revisit them throughout the year, giving you more recipes to alternate between to keep you inspired in the kitchen!