Various cultures are known for different aspects of their cuisines. Countries across the world have completely different perspectives on what to eat, how to prepare it, and how to eat it. This diversity of food gives many the pleasure of trying different country’s food while also expanding their palate. The following countries have great reputations for preparing universally accept great cuisines.


  1. The United States

The United States is known for its not-so-healthy yet, delicious meals. The country itself has much diversity when it comes to embracing other culture’s food. American has strongly rooted culinary traditions that vary from location to location. On the east coast alone, the North has quite the different food preparation compared to those living in the South. Even the states closer to the Mexican border have adopted a spiced palette. The hub of all diversity in the U.S. can be found in New York City from their burgers to steaks, it is the heart of American cuisine,


  1. Vietnam

Unlike the United States, Vietnam is known for quite healthy cuisines based on herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Vietnam’s food is based on Asian cuisine but stands alone when it comes to taste. Common ingredients in Vietnamese food include shrimp paste, fish sauce, and rice with vegetables.


  1. Mexico

Many traditional Mexican dishes have been adapted into other country’s cultures. The type of food used in Mexican dishes is also quite diverse; your palate will never get bored. Tacos, quesadillas, and even enchiladas are some of the most popular dishes created from Mexican culture. The true spice of a Mexican cuisine can only be experienced when in the country.


  1. Thailand

Street food is quite common in this country. Thai food is packed with complex flavors and an even more complex ingredient list to create. The flavor in a Thai dish is not only complex but has a sense of harmony between spicy and savory in a single dish. Traditional Thai food pulls inspiration from China and Indonesia for their cuisine.


  1. Japan

The Japanese have the same precise mindset for their engineering as they do their food. Of course, sushi and sushi bars are the heart of Japanese cuisine. A multi-course kaiseki meal is absolutely delicious that is also beautifully presented. Japan also provides quite an odd array of prepared snacks that many have never tried before. It is next to impossible to have a negative experience with a Japanese meal, for those willing to expand their palate.